2018 SPRING BANK: Spin & Batting Master Class @ Woodhouse Grove!

WOODHOUSE GROVE SCHOOL | 29 & 30 May | 9:30-16:30

BRAND NEW SPIN & BATTING Master Class only available at Woodhouse Grove:

With strictly limited places available, Pro Coach are proud to offer our Spring Bank Spin Master Class which will run over 2 days to ensure the maximum contact time between coaches and players, allowing each individual to work on specific aspects of their own game.  Using Video analysis, modern drills and techniques, players will take a journey through the art of spin bowling.

Our professional coaches will aid technique and tactical knowledge to enhance:

  • Spin & revolutions on the ball
  • Control of action and delivery
  • Variations and options when bowling in differing match situations
  • Understanding the art of spin bowling and what it takes to bowl spin in the modern game
  • Field placing and game management

We are fully aware that young spin bowlers sometimes get neglected with the bat and these days every batsman has a role in every team they play for.  Therefore, included in this spin programme will be dedicated batting time as well as the usual first-class spin coaching.  The modern day cricketer is a three dimensional cricketer.  Video analysis of batting and bowling skills will be available on the day to enhance learning and understanding.

In attending this course:

  • All attendees MUST bring full protective cricket equipment including: bat, pads, gloves, box, helmet and an appropriate size ball.
  • All attendees MUST have hard ball experience. This is a hard ball course, suitable for players aged 8-16 years.
  • All attendees MUST bring a correctly sized ball for their age group.
  • Cricketers are required to wear training clothing, t-shirt, shorts/tracksuit bottoms, non marking trainers.
  • Please bring sufficient drinks to keep hydration levels up through the sessions. A big bottle of water would be ideal, there are facilities on site to refill.
  • Please bring a packed lunch, attendees will be supervised during the lunch break.

2018 SPRING BANK: Spin & Batting Master Class @ Woodhouse Grove!

WOODHOUSE GROVE SCHOOL | 29 & 30 May | 9:30-16:30

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