Gunn & Moore – ‘Made by England’s Best’



This week our partners Gunn & Moore (GM) have launched a minute long film to showcase their 130 years of making cricket bats in the UK. GM are proud to say all of their bats are ‘Made by England’s Best’ and the film reflects GM’s heritage, design innovation and commitment to the game’s grassroots.

img_0971Edward Lowy, Managing Director of parent company, Unicorn Products Ltd said: “We wanted to develop a humorous way of explaining GM’s commitment to cricket. We feel that this film is an innovative and different way to communicate our heritage and craftsmanship. We believe that ‘Made By England’s Best’ and our new film successfully conveys our passion and commitment to cricketers of all levels.”

GM is different for a reason, watch the film here and see for yourself:

Our partnership with GM is hugely beneficial to all those on our courses, their high quality equipment will help the new generation of players reach their potential. Please share the video to spread the message of GM’s passion for the game.


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