Junior Professional Programme

Train like the Pros, Play like the Pros

If your dream is to one day play professional cricket or improve your all round game to progress up the representative ladder next season, then the JPP is perfect for you! You must be willing to push yourself to the limits! If you have the courage and desire to train out of your comfort zones to gain the small advantages over your competition, learn new skills and understand your game then please don’t hesitate in applying for the trial day at Headingley Indoor Cricket centre! We hold the trial every October half term and then select 3 squads from the trialists. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s JPP:

  • Up to 50 Hours first-class coaching
  • Matches to test your skills and put into practice what you have learned
  • Squad training kit
  • Player Development Diaries to monitor progress
  • Master Classes from current professionals/stars of the game
  • Video analysis sessions to enhance learning
  • Support throughout the season for when times get tough
  • Dedicated, highly skilled and qualified coaching staff who will develop your all-round game, knowledge and confidence.
  • Benefit from the first-class facilities at Headingley
  • Residential training camp included for 1st XI & Senior squad.

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