MASTER CLASS: Specialist Expert Skill Development

2019 SUMMER: Master Class Day

Headingley | 19August | 10:00 - 16:30

This Summer, Pro Coach offer their well renowned Master Class sessions in a condensed one day format!

During the course of the day, players will be challenged and tested with the bat when facing spin and fast bowling. Using modern drills and equipment every player will be given the chance to build their technique and confidence against every type of bowler.

Using the revolutionary coaching aid Zwingo beyond balance, our expert coaches will help every player improve their all round game and confidence. With carefully designed games to test new skills the batsmen will be able to find their own methods of achieving success and finding a way to score runs in all types of match situation.

Bowlers have their bowling actions analysed and if required, corrected with the aid of video analysis and drills proven to help all types of actions.

Fast bowlers will be encouraged to bowl fast and move the ball, whilst spinners will be encouraged to spin the ball more than ever before.

In attending this course:

  • All attendees MUST bring full protective cricket equipment including: bat, pads, gloves, box and helmet.
  • All attendees MUST have hard ball experience. This is a hard ball course, suitable for players aged 8-16 years.
  • Cricketers are required to wear training clothing, t-shirt, shorts/tracksuit bottoms, non-marking trainers
  • Please bring sufficient drinks to keep hydration levels up throughout the session, a big bottle of water would be ideal.
  • Please bring a packed lunch, attendees will be supervised during the lunch break.

2019 SUMMER: Master Class Day

Headingley | 19August | 10:00 - 16:30

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